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Swinton Pickleball Paddles

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Swinton Eclipse Paddle - Argyle The Swinton Eclipse paddle includes a longer handle, a textured surface and a more square face shape. Designed for style. Made to win. All Swinton paddles are USA Pi...

Swinton Pickleball Paddles

We're different. By design. Swinton preaches this message and they couldn't be more spot on. Swinton Pickleball began because the founders wanted to create stylish pickleball apparel and they decided to create the change they were seeking to find. As pickleball is constantly evolving and growing, Swinton Pickleball continues to lead the pack in the apparel you see pickleball players wearing on the court. You can say, Swinton are pioneers. With its high end graphite technology and polypropylene core, it is both well-balanced and lightweight for optimum ball control. Newbies and advanced players will enjoy the power and precision of the Swinton paddle. The durable graphite face strikes the perfect balance between durability and strength. Plus, the premium plush grip is extremely comfortable and perforated to dissipate sweat, allowing for hours of play.