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What Size Is A Pickleball Court?

What Size Is A Pickleball Court?

What Size Is A Pickleball Court?

Pickle Ballers Hub consists of a variety of pickleball addicts. Whether it be those who play for fun, those just starting out, or those who play competitively, this range of players allows us to understand every customer that shops with us. To ensure we educate all pickle ballers visiting our page, we seek to cover every topic, even down to a pickleball court's layout and standard size. Becoming familiar with a pickleball court is a proper first step in mastering the sport or tracking how many steps and calories you burn. A pickleball court is standardized to be the same size as a doubles badminton court, which ensures a consistent playing experience regardless of location. 

pickleball court dimensions

The Dimensions of A Pickleball Court

Referencing the image above, pickleball courts measures 20 feet in width and extend to 44 feet in length. This size applies to both singles and doubles matches in pickleball. The dimensions of the court contribute significantly to the nature of the game, balancing enough space for movement and shots with a compact area that encourages fast-paced and engaging rallies. The court's size is particularly advantageous as it covers less space compared to tennis courts. This makes pickleball courts easier to integrate into community centers, parks, and even private homes. While pickleball courts remain consistent with their size, another thing remains consistent here at Pickle Ballers Hub: our passion to help all pickleball players with whatever they need.

pickleball net dimensions. pickleball net on court

Pickleball Nets and The Kitchen

A pickleball net can be your best friend some days and betray you on others, we've all been there. A standard pickleball net stretches across the center of the court, splitting it into two equal halves. Nets have a height of 36 inches at the sidelines and dip slightly to 34 inches in the middle. There is a service area on each side of the court, with each side further split into a left and a right service area.

If you have seen any pickleball memes or apparel, you may have heard of the "kitchen". This is a nickname given to the non-volley zone of the court. This zone is a 7-foot area surrounding both sides of the net where volleying (hitting the ball before it bounces) is prohibited. There are other details to familiarize yourself with regarding the kitchen, you can learn more in our "Rules of Pickleball" article

different pickleball court materials - concrete, asphalt, acrylic

Pickleball Court Surface and Pickleball Court Materials

Depending on where you're playing, there's a good chance that the pickleball court surface will differ. There's not necessarily a right or wrong; in it's own way, this is one detail that makes pickleball such a fun game.

Asphalt is a popular material choice for outdoor pickleball courts. Asphalt is a durable material that can withstand various weather conditions, providing a strong base for constant outdoor play.

Concrete courts also offer excellent durability and a consistent playing surface. Concrete is an amazing choice for a court base as it is extremely durable. This comes in handy for locations that have rain, snow, ice, and harsher conditions as the seasons change.

While concrete pickleball courts are one of the best, it can get even better. A common material used to seal pickleball and tennis courts is acrylic. Acrylic layer is a coating that offers several benefits: it can protect the underlying surface, provide better traction and footing for players, reduce surface glare, and permit a variety of color choices for aesthetic appeal and better visibility of court lines.

Harder surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and wood can take a toll on your body. Constant movement and impact on these surfaces can negatively impact your joints. To counter this harmful effect, it’s quite common to see courts using interlocking modular tiles. These tiles provide a cushioned, slightly raised surface that can be more forgiving on players' joints.

What Size is A Pickleball Court - Now Your Best Friend

Pickle Ballers Hub takes great pride in helping our customers understand the game of pickleball to set them up for success on the court. The design of pickleball courts remains very consistent all around the world, but the surface material can change. Every player is different, so it's important to find a court that fits what you're looking for, helps you play your best, and keeps your body feeling great.

Now that you know all about pickleball courts, it's time to head to one closest to you! If you're searching for the latest pickleball paddles, shop here!